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Throw Away Your Vision Board

No this is not clickbait. You should absolutely throw away your vision board. I know some of you are looking at your vision board, and looking back at this post thinking I must be crazy. But hear me out. How many of you created your vision board, felt renewed with hope and energy by creating it, put it somewhere, and never looked at it again? Or looked at it, and remembered you had goals, but have done nothing towards them?

Vision board parties are super fun, and allow us to get creative in putting our goals on paper. The issue with this is you create the vision, but don’t create the process to get you there. The purpose of the vision board is to manifest the things you want in life, but manifestation without action is just a dream. We do enough dreaming without spending money on poster boards and magazines.

Now I know I said you should throw away your vision board. However, if you are hesitant to do so here’s what I want you to do:

Create Your Process For Your Vision

Flip that vision board over, categorize the things on it, and tell yourself how you’re going to make your vision a reality. How are you going to live the “that girl” lifestyle? How are you going to travel more? How are you going to find your soulmate? Especially if you hardly ever leave the house? Write down your steps to get there.

Reflect On If Your Vision Has Changed

Where were you in life when you created your vision board? Are you still there now? Why haven’t you been able to work towards the things you’ve put on your vision board? Is it because your vision was based on what someone else told you about YOUR life? Reflecting on your vision can help you decide if you actually do need to throw away your vision board.

Without realizing it, we can create a vision based on what others are doing, or what we think we are supposed to be doing. Just because you’re trying to work your way up in your career now doesn’t mean that your ultimate goal can’t be to be a stay at home mom. Think about what you want in life, and not what people tell you that you should want.

Think About the Intentions You’ve Set

If you haven’t already, check out my post on why you need to be intentionaI. If you’ve set your intentions, then your vision board should match them. You’ve decided to be more intentional about creating and sticking to a content calendar because you envision your social media followers converting to customers for your small business. You workout more because you envision yourself looking your absolute best when you turn 50. How are your intentions in the now pushing you towards the vision you want for your future?

Intentions. Visions. They come together to help us create our most authentic lives. So if your vision board has been in a corner collecting dust: throw it away. Start over. Let’s start being more intentional about creating the lives we want.

Do you need to throw away your vision board? Let me know in the comments.
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