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  • Simone Sanders

Stop Throwing Away Your Therapy Appointment

This isn't true for everyone, but some of ya'll will reschedule your therapy appointment in a heartbeat for something that wasn't really a priority. Saturday brunch with your friends. Happy hour. You spent all your money shopping so you can't afford your next appointment.

Why is therapy the first thing you throw away? Is it because therapy makes you uncomfortable? I know it's easier to go laugh with friends and have a good time. It's hard to sit in a therapy session and process things that have happened in your life. I get it.

But how many times are you going to disrespect your future self by choosing material things over your transformation?

It's not fair to your future self to avoid the difficulties of therapy. Your future self deserves to be the whole, healthy version of yourself that you want to be. YOU deserve to become the future version of yourself you want to be.

Here are some questions to consider: Do you think you deserve that version of yourself? Are you holding yourself back because the possibility of becoming someone different is scary? Are you avoiding the process because you don't want to bring up stuff that has been buried inside you?

Again, therapy is hard. It can be scary. But it's not impossible to get past those feelings. Prioritizing therapy is important. Especially if you know you need to go. I'm not talking to the people who had life happen, and lost the time or money to be able to prioritize therapy. I'm talking to the people who have the time and money but don't make an effort to go consistently.

This isn't a place of judgment. I'm not judging you for not prioritizing therapy. But I'm calling you out for not doing so. Because I was you at one point. It wasn't a priority for me either.

Who I am now is because of the work I've done in therapy. My transformation is ongoing, but it has been worth the uncomfortable feelings I've experienced in therapy.

If you haven't started, and this post has inspired you to find a therapist, here are different directories that can help you find someone:

What was a transformative moment for you in therapy? Mine was learning to accept my family for who they are instead of expecting them to become the ideal family I had in my head. Let me know in the comments.

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