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  • Simone Sanders

Maintaining Friendships as an Adult

The one thing I’ve consistently struggled with, and I’m sure a lot of you can relate…is being consistent in checking in with my friends. It was easy to maintain friendships when we were younger because we all had a common place we would see each other daily. Once we grew up, started our big people jobs, started families…we got so wrapped up in our lives that we realized it’s been a while since I called a friend. Most of our friends get it. They are living their lives as well, and when we check in we always say “we’ll do better next time.” And it doesn’t happen. So how do we get better at maintaining our friendships?

Have a set day to check in

In movies and TV shows, the friends always have a margarita night or some scheduled activity they do together to check in with each other. You and your friends can do the same. What’s an activity you all enjoy that you can do weekly or monthly? If you have friends out of state, what’s a good day you can do a video call? If you have it in your schedule, you’re more likely to do it.

Visit Your Friends Who Moved

Have friends who no longer live in your city? Perfect excuse to travel! And you already have a tour guide who can show you the best spots to eat, and what to do! If you are doing your set check ins, one of those check ins can be a conversation about the best time to visit each other.

Yearly Friend Trips

This one is pretty common in my friend group, and my fiancé’s friend group. Each year, you pick a destination you want to travel to, and that vacation is your time to connect with your friends and have fun!

That’s it. There’s no magic formula or anything extra you have to do. Just be intentional about spending time with your friends. Stay tuned for next month because I’ll be talking more about intentionality and what it looks like. What are things you do to maintain your friendships?

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